From wine to Mars. With love.

Bodega Dante Robino, inspired by the warmth of the soil and sun of Mendoza, the moon and the planets that aligned to produce all the wines in our portfolio, embarks on the challenge of discovering new universes. From that dream that the Great Dante had back in his native Piedmont, to the legacy that continued in Mendoza. Our most sincere wish would be to be able to continue with that ambitious Big Bang that began among the Alps and continues today through the Andes. May our wines reach the Moon and, with a little Zonda wind in our favor, Mars.


Dante Robino was born in Canelli (Piedmont, Italy), a town famous for its sparkling wines.


After emigrating to Argentina, Dante opened a restaurant called "El rincón del Novecientos" in Buenos Aires. In its basement, he bottled the first versions of the Novecento wines. Dante brought the wine from Mendoza in 200-liter barrels and unloaded them on the street, a tradition that became an attraction for his porteño customers.


The Dante Robino winery was founded to supply wine to his restaurant. Later, Dante realized that his restaurant sold much more wine than food.


Dante dreams big and decides to invest heavily in capacity. As a result of his drive, the winery triples in size.


Dante decides to focus on wine production and founds the Dante Robino Company to start selling wine to other people, in addition to his own establishment.


In honor of his homeland, Dante Robino focuses at this time mainly on sparkling wine and varieties from Italy such as Gamba di Pernice and Nebiolo.


After working as a consultant for many years, Alejandro Squassini makes a big bet and acquires 60% of the winery.


Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes acquires Bodega Dante Robino to continue expanding its wines throughout Argentina, the world and, why not, the universe.


Inauguration of El Observatorio, a restaurant that opens its doors at the reopening of the winery for visits and experiences.



Our place in the world

Our winery is located in Luján de Cuyo. A place at the foot of the Andes Mountains where the planets, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun aligned to grow a balanced grape, with the right amount of light and humidity to produce our wines. Today we operate more than 1200 hectares of vineyards in multiple locations throughout the country from which our winemakers seek to obtain the best expression of each varietal by sourcing grapes from different vineyards and sub-regions.

The winery

We combine tradition and innovation with the most demanding production standards

  • grape grinding and pressing model line

  • stainless steel tanks

  • production hall of 1920

  • French oak barrels

  • Italian technology champagne

  • underground cellar

  • thermal deposit with its central cold


Design Enologist


Soledad, one of Mendoza's leading enologists, has been with Dante Robino for the past 8 years. During this time she has overseen rapid growth (both international and local) and has helped establish the winery as Argentina's leading producer of sparkling wines.

Enology Consultant


Jorge was named Enologist of the Year in Argentina in 2012 by Wine Enthusiast and is now considered a legend within the Argentine wine industry. Jorge, who was at the helm of Bodegas Norton for 25 years, helps guide our team of enologists on their path to becoming one of the leading exporters in the coming years.

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