From the Alps to the Andes, and from the Andes to infinity. This Universe of wines and sparkling wines invites you to take a journey through the past, the future, space, and within yourself. We give you a warm welcome to this's going to be grape!


This is the wine universe of Dante Robino. Perhaps the word 'universe' may sound a bit ambitious, but let us tell you that, in this case, it's not so. Before uncorking, we invite you to get to know our wine families. You could say it's our 'portfolio.' But we prefer to call it a universe because we make wines from another planet.

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Sparklings wines

Bubbly and sinuous paths lead us to proudly showcase these sparkling wines with different methods and techniques. Dare to be hypnotized by the dancing bubbles on your palate, by the sparkle of each raised glass reaching for the highest point paying homage to every new reason to toast.

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Dante Robino Experiences

At Dante Robino Winery we have a dream: that you can connect with our universe through wine, enjoyment, gastronomy and adventures in the natural landscapes that have given us so much over the last 100 years.

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